Match your appeal with
your audience.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Who Choose Us

Who believes
to Creator's plans


He has plans of creating the Universe, laws, sending us Prophets and Scriptures

Who doesn't divide 
science and religion


The greatest scientists made their discoveries based on divine inspiration 

Who is ready
to change the world

To make the world better, first, you need to change yourself. We will help!

About Us

IHSANLAB is a team of professionals who create the new generation of content. Unique methods of attention-grabbing are the business card of our lab. We produce content, and design the interactive decentralized FLY PLAZA VR-platform, a blockchain base for distribution. 


IHSANLAB – is Islamic pioneer in the growing  trend of Virtual Reality, it anticipates the concept of the last Prophet (peace be upon him): "Make your appeal match your audience!" 


This is the accent, that adds missing decibels and the light to the symphony of our concepts, to be heard and seen on every continent.

Immersion entertainment
VR-Content is the King!

Our productions

Our VR-experiences were developed on the basis of Tilt Brush, Poly, Blocks, Unity, UE platforms. We are among the first to revive the static Tilt Brush scenes, painted by European VR-artists in the spherical video format, promoting technology to the consumers.

A special place among our works is occupied by 'Rukya VR' - a healing prophylactic app based on the ‘photons’ of the Holy Quran and recitation of the famous world's performers.

Calligraphic works have been kindly provided by H.R.H. Prince of Jordan Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal.

VR Market forecast

The VR market is in the stage of active growth.

Revenues from VR apps, gaming and video, which were US$3.9bn in 2017, are expected to soar more than fivefold by 2022. In the VR space, the installed base of headsets is projected to grow substantially, helped by Facebook launching its US$199 Oculus Go. This being a consequence of the VR revolution taking place. The fastest growth will be in digitally driven segments, with virtual reality leading the way.

What is


The decentralized way of providing information that reveals the mysteries of the Universe with the scientific evidence and predictions based on scriptures.



The neighborhood of science and spirituality, creativity and business.



it's where you get paid for knowing MONOTHEISM and helping others not to get lost in the maze of distorted religions, destructive mythologies, and sects.



it is an assemblage point of a newly-formed successful and harmonious human being.



Is a guide for humankind to how to succeed in both worlds.

Our Partners

Quran in VR

'Quran and Science VR'  is the 360° 3D spherical movie that contains a practical answer to the expected reaction of the opponents with a request of bringing evidence of the Truth of the Quran. The viewer will face a clear evidence of the Divine origin of the Holy Quran, comparing the above verses with modern scientific discoveries. Having put on VR-glasses, the viewer will teleport on an exciting and informative journey:


  • To the Creation of the Universe 
  • To the waters of two seas that do not mix 
  • To the mystery of the Black Hole 
  • To the seven heavens protecting the Earth
  • The mathematical phenomena in the Quran

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