The iHSANLAB project is an innovative media structure designed to promote Islamic values in new visual and sound formats. The main goal is spiritual enlightenment based on scientific discoveries and evidence, as well as cultural universal concepts understandable to man.


One of the important directions of the project is the harmonious group reciting of the Holy Quran. The release-ready RUQYA album is the first pilot solution made possible by the participation of 12 qari reciters. When reciting the Qur'an, there is no rhythm and measure, which makes it difficult to recite in sync. In this regard, it was decided to record the reciters separately and release the first album in virtual option.


Each subsequent release will include more members, and one day we hope to expand our qari virtual group to several thousand. In sha Allah, the recitation of the Qur'an by the Ihsanlab qari group will deeply penetrate those hearts that are open for seeking and affirming the Truth.


We live in very difficult times. Technology companies have come up with and are implementing many solutions that, unfortunately, can lead souls who are not strong in the faith astray. If Muslims do not make efforts to build bridges with other civilizations and apply innovative technologies for the purposes of the spiritual enlightenment of the world, our descendants will face the triumph of satan.


May Allah protect us!