The RUQYA project is our first pilot project with a limited number of 12 participants. IHSANLAB plans to expand the virtual group to several dozen reciters from different countries and continents to record and release the next album of selected suras.

Reciters aged 14 and over who wish to participate can submit their Quran rendition videos of no more than 5 minutes posted on YouTube or similar social networks.


Our selection jury will first of all give their preference to reciters who have a tajweed, a beautiful voice, who have ideas and experience in performing scores in a studio environment. Please, use the web contact form. If the jury likes your performance, we will contact you to discuss the details of your involvement.


Dear Brothers! May Allah accept your work for the benefit of our holy religion! Do not be offended, please, today, there really are more of you than last year. Your performances generally have original styles and undertones, but, unfortunately, sometimes there is content (religious content at that) that encourages listeners and viewers to make obscene movements and dances.


Let me invite you to participate in our Qur'anic project not for narcissism with your vocal abilities and stage image, but for the pleasure of Allah Almighty with you. Put aside all your affairs and "get sick" with the Quran for at least three days, having learned the score offered to you and recording it in the studio. You do understand, no matter what nasheed you perform, it will never come close to the sound of the Quran! Sounds of the Quran with your participation, insha Allah!


We invite composers and arrangers of Arab nationality who are familiar with tajweed, have experience in studio work to develop scores for qari group recitation of the Quran. The test recordings of the Quran recitation submitted by you are carefully examined by us, if your work seems interesting to us, we will contact you.


The planned Qur'anic projects are designed to be of high quality. We exclude any amateur non-professional approaches. We definitely want to change the paradigm of how the outside world treats Islam and Muslims.


Often, non-Muslim society does not understand the minbar rhetoric of imams, and this creates difficulties for the interpenetration of world cultures and mutual understanding. This gives rise to extremist and destructive moods in society, not without the participation of Islamophobic media politics. Alas, we are Muslims, we do not even use the creative resources that the Almighty has endowed us with. What needs to happen in order for 2 billion Muslims to wake up and give an adequate response to the challenges of our time? What needs to happen for our quantity to turn into quality?


That is why we are asking you to provide all possible financial support to our Projects. Contact us via the web form and we will feedbacck to you.


Dear Brothers and Sisters! Your donations will bring us closer to the release of the planned projects, but you to the pleasure of Allah Almighty! We accept donations in both cryptocurrency and regular money. Note, please! Allocating funds for the  mosques construction  is a noble and important thing. However, if our mosques are replenished with middle-class people, we will be able to save more souls from spiritual death and catastrophes.